This study will be based toward productive findings regarding previous education out-of partner-idol dating and you will fans’ application techniques

This study will be based toward productive findings regarding previous education out-of partner-idol dating and you will fans’ application techniques

2.step three.2.step 1 Search for psychological satisfaction

Mental gurus, together with not limited by a sense of fulfillment, identification, and gratification, are important bonuses enthusiasts to acquire idol-associated situations. Fans, while the anybody otherwise communities, constantly you prefer a port to talk about the worship, fancy, and you may infatuation to possess superstars. The purchase from spin-of situations is considered as fans’ consistent and you will serious emotional resource within idols (Santero 2016). Furthermore, compliment of their purchase, fans are convinced that the monetary commitment would for some reason benefit its idols in terms of profitable a reputation or even more position in the aggressive entertainment world. So it feeling of purpose and you can satisfaction offers admirers the fact the work is acknowledged and crucial for idols, rewarding the must be necessary (Wang 2014). Which feeling of accomplishment, therefore, carry out push them to build extra orders.

2.step three.2.dos Fans given that a community

Fans’ purchases may help all of them for the opening up discussions, that could develop toward closer social links. The possession of high-quality idol-relevant points, just like the embodiment regarding authenticity and you will support off fans, is the best entrance citation for fans to get in the newest center of your enthusiast society (Zhang 2021). Together with setting up common psychological parts and you can personal connectedness, admirers as well as means collective recollections via its public get behavior (Wang 2014). There are many different cases where admirers purchase a large number of records, movie tickets, or activities supported of the its idols collectively showing its unity and you may solidarity.

2.cuatro Abstract build

This research will discuss idol fans’ reasons about the idol-toy get means. It only centers on exclusive version of fans-admirers just who purchase idol dolls-so as to help a more concentrated investigation that does not want to generalize findings to many other lover organizations.

Past look to your fans’ application strategies always splits reasons towards “intrinsic” and you can “extrinsic” of them and roughly amounts it up because the pursuit of “nerve satisfaction” or a sense of “fulfillment” (Zhao and you can Wu 2021). This study emphasizes the significance of a particular lover term (we.elizabeth., mommy admirers) within the shaping fans’ use methods. What’s more, it explores the newest development and interest in “mom admirers” otherwise “moms and dads off idol dolls” during the theoretic construction of the Para poder-kin dating.

dos.5 Research expectations

The new prevalence out of mommy fans indicators yet another mode of fans’ usage means and you will drives the fresh specialist so you can reexamine the existent browse patterns from parasocial dating anywhere between admirers and you can idols. Part of the research real question is: just what are fans’ motivations for purchasing idol dolls? This study takes a step forward to analyze the new role out-of “mother fans” within the causing the new idol-doll neighborhood by responding the fresh new sub-question: so why do admirers allege themselves just like the “mother admirers” and preciselywhat are its mental requires?

Building the relationship within introduction out of mother fans together with popularity of idol dolls are an intuitive choice. As so much more certain, mom admirers usually make reference to on their own as their idols’ mommy, while you are idol-doll buyers as well as make reference to themselves due to the fact mothers of one’s child and you may treat the little one toy because if it was in fact a bona fide individual. Examining the emotional demands away from mother fans and exactly how they disagree of compared to girlfriend fans you will promote a sharper comprehension of fans’ motivations for purchasing idol dolls. At the same time, the fresh motives and you will emotional demands out of men idol fans will also become checked-out, as they may possibly provide an entirely additional perspective to explain the idol-toy to find decisions.

step three Strategy

This study brings together textual studies plus-breadth interview to understand the fresh new operating factors having fans’ idol-doll pick methods together with para poder-kin dating between admirers and idols. Authoritative news posts act as an organic field for watching exactly how Chinese main-stream culture interprets brand new rise in popularity of mom admirers and you may idol dolls, providing the analysis become contextualized when you look at the a bigger personal history. In-depth interview ones admirers provide rich info that help identify the synthesis of para poder-kin dating, as well as their perceptions and you can reactions into problem of the fresh new main-stream society. By merging both these a couple lookup actions, an even more nuanced understanding of fan society was achieved.

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