Films nuk i perket kenges « Sexiest Lady Alive »

Films nuk i perket kenges « Sexiest Lady Alive »

Instance Haagen Das you smack the spotYou create me scream trigger you have got a lotIn your own Calvin pants youi¦ASA®age a charm queenAnd your blowing my attention

Your own crazy, sexyGot a body such as for example a dancer into the MTV (MTV)We spend-all my many years Ii¦ASA?l keep you next to meYour the new hottest lady real time (sexy, naughty, sexy)

Their blazintherefore insaneGot to be effective you to definitely body just like your toward heart teach (spirit illustrate)You’ve got the brand new stuff making a guy create extremely anythingYour new sexiest woman alive (slutty, horny, sexy)

After you walk into the room the initial reactions ooohhhEvery guy to only wants to sweating ya (heh heh heh)However, I bet so many booThey never be you like We doCause Ii¦ASA¦ going to give you my wifey, my personal wifey

Such as haagen Das you strike the spotGirl you are aware you have a beneficial lotIn your Calvin Trousers your own a beauty QueenAnd your blowing my mindJust you to definitely browse is it took Ii¦ASA¦ shookCuz nobody else compares to your

The in love, naughty (sexy)had a human anatomy for example a performer toward MTV(MTV ahh haa)I spend-all my age Ii¦ASA?l keep you near to meYour new hottest lady (yeah) real time, naughty, naughty (sexiest woman)Their blazinthus nuts (very insane)Functions one system such as your to the spirit train (spirit teach, heart instruct)You’ve got the latest content and also make a person manage really anything (anything)Youi¦ASA®age new sexiest lady live (aroused, aroused, sexy)

Regardless of if Ii¦ASA?elizabeth been around the worldI never had a woman such as for instance youOne who makes my fantasies started trueBeen to AfricaHad sushi from inside the JapanUsed to think I happened to be the guy yeahThough Ii¦ASA?elizabeth tasted all of the better thingsIi¦ASA?e never had a period like you

I adore the way that we touch-in new nightGirl their love merely knocks me outYour new sexiest girl real time(Youi¦ASA®e therefore damn slutty infant)

(Youi¦ASA®e blazinI really like the way i touch in the newest nightGirl their like only knocks me outYoui¦ASA®e the brand new hottest woman aliveOhh ohh ohh, naughty sexy

Your own crazy, slutty (sexy)Had a body particularly a dancer for the MTV (woman you have a great deal knock in your trunk area)I spend all my personal years Ii¦ASA?l hold your next to meYour the newest sexiest girl real time (Your so really horny driving me personally crazy)Their blazinvery wild (not one person comes even close to you)(Nobody is able to carry out that which you do, and i getting youi¦ASA®e the one that I would like during my lives)Really works one to human body such as your towards the heart trainYou had the newest posts to make a man create really anythingYour the new hottest woman live (horny, sexy, sexy)

Their crazy, sexyGot a body particularly a dancer on the MTVI spend all my age Ii¦ASA?l hold your alongside meYour this new hottest woman live (horny, horny, sexy)Youi¦ASA®e blazinso insaneWork you to definitely muscles including youi¦ASA®age towards the heart show. . .

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Ne TeksteShqip jane rreth kenge myself videoklip dhe afersisht kenge te tjera qe nuk kane nje videoklip ne Youtube. Stafi we TeksteShqip shton cdo dite films te reja, por eshte age mirepritur ndihma elizabeth kujtdo qe arrin te gjeje nje videoklip qe mungon, apo nje type me te mire sesa klipi qe mund te jete aktualisht ne TeksteShqip.


Per verifikimin nga stafi mund te duhen pak minuta deri ne disa ore, por garantojme qe gjithsesi verifikimi create te kryhet brenda twenty-four oresh.


Nje romance tale web movies e derguar nuk manage te pranohet nga stafi i TeksteShqip nese: step 1. Video clips elizabeth derguar eshte fshire nderkohe nga YouTube ose eshte elizabeth padisponueshme. 2. step three. Clips eshte age kenges « Sexiest Woman Live », por nuk kendohet nga O-town. 4. Video qe kemi ne TeksteShqip, eshte me cilesore se ajo age derguar. 5. Clips qe kemi ne TeksteShqip, eshte zyrtare, ndersa ajo e derguar, jo.

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